Emily and Charlotte

6:04 PM Sunday, February 22, 2009

I played around today with the girls. They loved having their very own photo shoot. Doesn't Charlotte just melt your heart with the curtsy? And Emily has eyes that just seem to glow in front of the camera. I do love my girls.


  1. You are so talented and I love the pics you take of our kids!

    Jill Knotwell

  2. I'm speechless for many reasons. My favorite is the 3rd- I love Emily's face and Char's face is so childlike and sweet in a solemn way.

    Is this in your basement or front room? Also, I'm LOVING your wall art. Where did you get that idea? I'm assuming you will be filling the frames with pictures of your own family?

    emily a.

  3. Nice John!! Those look great! Keep going with your photography- you're really good at it. Beautiful family.

    The Dalton Family

  4. I love the photos! Very nice!

    Derek White

  5. Your girls are darling! They make me want girls of my own!


  6. That picture of Charlotte at the end is so cute!


  7. How did John like his class? I guess he posted this so I should just ask him straight up! I want to learn more about lighting and apature and all that good stuff! I thought about taking some classes, but can hardly find the time when Bry is never home! Your pics look Fabulous!


  8. Gorgeous pics of those girlies! I *LOVE* your family wall ... especially the family pics that you have in all of those frames ;)


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