Where's William?

11:51 AM Wednesday, February 18, 2009

William was hiding from Emily the other morning and she walked into the room to find this. She yelled for us to come see what she found and I had to get a picture. We asked where he was and he kept saying, " I no?" He is so funny and loves to entertain.


  1. I no?....he is just too cute! He sure does love to entertain. A funny guy, is that William.


  2. What a cutie Jill. I wish we could get William and Bodie together. They'd have the greatest time hiding from eachother.


  3. He is just the cutest little thing ever!! I love it, they think that if they cant see you then you cant see them- even if their whole body is hanging out. Glad you took a pic, he'll love to see this when he's older.

    The Dalton Family

  4. Cougar's favorite spot is under the drapes in our bedroom with his feet sticking out! I can only imagine those two playing hide and seek together ;)


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