Hand Surgery

9:49 AM Friday, February 20, 2009

As many of you know I had surgery on my right hand yesterday. I had tendinitis in my wrist that hurt like a motha' and after 2 cortisone shots, we decided to get it fixed. This is me checking in at 6:30am and looking lovely.

Getting my blood pressure taken and making sure my heart won't stop during the surgery.
For some reason they like their patients in a gown and hat for every surgery. Never mind the fact that they were working on my hand.

I am so scared I might do something embarrassing while I'm out!

Giving me the IV so they can drug me up!

This is my surgery nurse who really was kind of ornery.

My nurse anesthetist (the guy who put me out)

Dr. Zeluff, my surgeon. He is super nice! He is marking my hand making sure he operates on the correct hand. Whew!

Taking me away to the great unknown. Johnny waited for me in the waiting room and was quit anxious while I was in there. What a sweet husband!

I was in recovery and sleeping off the Versaid. That stuff is fabulous and I really need some of this at home for my kids!

My hand is going to be all better, but man does it hurt. Thank you to all of you who called and offered help or well wishes.


  1. Oh, Jill! Sure hope you start feeling better soon. So glad they could fix it for you!


  2. OH Jill you cute little thing!! No one could pull off that cap and gown like you ya know! I hope you get feeling better really soon!!! Milk it as long as you can though. . . Make sure John knows how much those back and foot massages will help the hand get better that much faster:)

    The Dalton Family

  3. So I TOTALLY read part of your blog wrong TWICE because I had to make sure I read it right. I thought you said that your surgery nurse was horny not honery so I too was getting nervous for you being knocked out for this surgery in your lovely gown :) Glad it went well and that your personal space wasn't violated :) lol.


  4. I had no idea you were having or had surgery! What were you doing at that class last night?! I feel like such a fool, I am such a good friend! NOT! Holy bloggin! I checked on Mon and it was Johnny's b-day, I check today and you are a bloggin fool! I am bringing you cookies for your recovery and hopefully to makeup for being a crappy friend, what kind do you want?

    The Balls

  5. You are so freakin stylin in your gown. I love the hot head attire too. I'm sorry it is so sore. You will be feeling better in no time. It will be worth it! That nurse who put you out is CUTE. Lucky you :)


  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who read HORNY rather than honery - which is actually spelled ornery to avoid confusion in the future :) Totally made me laugh!! At least you drifted off with thoughts of the nurse anesthetist instead of the horny nurse ... definitely made for sweeter dreams!! Glad I got to talk to you - remember to take it easy. It can be so nice to have an "excuse" to slack off around the house ... take it!!


  7. Wow you are brave to take all those pics. I did not know you were having surgery nor did I know you even had a problem with your wrist...wow I am a great friend. I am glad that it went well. I hope you are feeling good.


  8. Nobody could make a cap and gown look as good as Beansie can!!! Hope your recovery is swift!!! See you next sunday ;)


  9. I didn't know you were having surgery! Good grief. I've had three surgeries on my right hand, so give me a left handed high five sista.

    My new salon is on Ft. Union and about 600 East. At a place called Studio Salons. It's freaking awesome. You should come check it out!


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