Here I am!

3:09 PM Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I know you have been wondering where we have been and we have been busy. John's parents came into town last week and we had a BLAST! They got here on Feb. 7 and the fun didn't stop until they left on Sunday. Actually the fun stopped for me on Wednesday evening of last week due to me getting sick until Sunday night. Other than that, lots of fun to be had at our house. We were able to get John and Sally (the in-laws) tickets to the first play of the year at Hale Center Theater, Cash on Delivery. It was HILARIOUS!! I was so glad they could see one of the plays at our favorite play house. My John and his dad did some projects around the house, played with the kids, and just about debated every topic under the sun, which is totally normal. Sally enjoyed some time to knit, play with the kiddos, crafts and shopping. We love every second we get with them and can't wait to see them again in a long 8 months in South Carolina this October.
P.S. The kids thought this was the best thing ever! William would say, "up" and Papa would put him on his head and Will would reach up to the ceiling. Of course Char had to get in on the action, can't let little brother have fun and not partake.


  1. And we loved being there! You and John are wonderful parents and we loved watching you interact with your children! We are so proud of you both...and proud of all our grandchildren, too!


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