Grand Central Terminal

7:05 PM Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jill and I both decided that we wanted to see Grand Central Station. It's an architectural wonder. The ceiling is extremely high and the terminal feels very open... quite a contrast in the condensed spaces of New York City. Grand Central is actually a major hub for all kinds of rail and bus traffic. From there, it's a quick 3 minute ride on the subway to Times Square, one of the marvels on Manhattan.
One very interesting thing about Grand Central was that it was the only place in the city where we saw lots of armed National Guardsman. They were standing side by side with NYPD, guarding this very busy transportation hub.
Where we were standing to take the picture was on a landing that allowed access to a restaurant... yep, right there in Grand Central Terminal!


  1. Way cool. I bet you were hoping to see a zebra and a hippo right in Grand Central, weren't you?


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