My Jill

7:08 AM Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I arrived in New York on Monday for a conference for work - and Jill followed later on Thursday. On Tuesday evening my colleagues and I walked from Greenwich Villiage up to Times Square. We passed this beautiful park called Bryant Park. As we walked through it, I knew I had to get pictures of Jill in it. So, on our last day in the city, we found our way over here and I snapped about 30 shots of her.
My beautiful wife is my everything. She supports me when I'm having a rough day and takes care of me when I need a good kick in the butt. She's a phenomenal mother to our 3 children and the best friend I could ever ask for. I'm so glad we could enjoy those few days together.


  1. What a lovely tribute to a lovely woman! We are so proud to call her daughter-in-law!


  2. You really are so gorgeous, Jill. You have the most beautiful skin. I'm glad you had such a great trip together!

    emily a.

  3. Yeah, she's okay, I guess ;) I thought for sure someone would have pointed out that Bryant Park is the "dream" destination for those competing on Project Runway ... lots of fashion week activities take place there - but I wouldn't expect many (besides Kattrina) to know that :) And FYI, I do love that girl, too ... and I knew her first :P


  4. Oh how cute, he thinks the world of you Jill!!! Glad you two had so much fun and had a fun photo session!

    E Winzeler

  5. True Jill ROCKS!!! I am glad you had a fun getaway! Beautiful pics :)


  6. Jill has the greatest LAUGH!!! Plus she is super cute!!! You really lucked out John....although I do remember Jill confessing her love on the second date!! LOVE Project Runway...Kari! That's immediately what I thought of with the famous parks mention!!!


  7. So sweet!!! You are a great hubby!!!

    Casey and Whitney MCkell

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