Mr. Big Man

10:17 AM Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Grandpa John loves little kids in jeans. He bought Will a denim jacket and jeans a while back. He is just now starting to fit in them. This post is for you Papa!


  1. HOOORAH!! Now that is one fine lookin' MAN!! Thank you for the picture. All kids look good in jeans but especially my Grandchildren...the world's cutest, of course.


  2. He's a stud... even though he was crying in the picture. 'I don't like pictures Dad... leave me alone.'

    John Knotwell

  3. Who doesn't love a little guy in jeans? He's adorable!!


  4. What a doll! Thanks for the picture...can't wait to see him and his sisters in person! Savin' up many hugs for them all.


  5. What a cute little guy, I can't believe how old are babies are getting :)


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