I meant to do this earlier, but I haven't had the chance. I wanted to share my favorite memories from our trip. In part the blogosphere has become a huge repository of history and I think this should contribute to it.

Favorite memories of Will:
- Looking under my parent's bed, trying to see the cat
- Watching him walk around in wonder all over the place

Favorite memories of Charlotte:
- The following conversation in Branson in our bed one morning. I have tried to make her comment gramatically correct to how she says it.
Char: "Daddy, you're a boy and Mommy, you're a girl"
Mom: "What makes dad a boy?"
Char: "Um... Daddy.... you have cannie, and lipskick, and bubbles."
Dad and Mom: ((Laughing Hysterically))
Where I work there is a girl that always gives the kids candy and bubbles. And Charlotte always seems to get lipstick from her as well. So, she associates boys with my work. I'm a boy because I go to a place where there is lipstick, candy and bubbles. Oh boy...

Favorite memories of Emily:
- Being excited for her to have the courage to ride Thunderation at Silver Dollar City
- Having her swim more on her own than she ever has before (and jump into the deep end to mom and dad)

Favorite memories of Jill:
- Watching her with my mom - becoming better friends more and more
- Watching her as a mom - always my favorite memories of her (nobody can make Will laugh more than her)

Favorite memories of Papa:
- Dancing at the pool with William
- Driving for 6 hours to Fort Scott, Kansas, just the two of us.
- Making the best ribs I have ever eaten

Favorite memories of Nana:
- Seeing Emily and Charlotte hang out with her in her studio
- Tacos
- Nana being so proud of her grandkids that she wanted to show them off at One City Market
- Charlotte, William and Emily hugs

Of course, we miss my parents and look forward to seeing them really soon!


  1. Ok...that was guaranteed to make my cry and it did! We absolutely lovelovelove having you all visit. I am so proud of all of you. Jill could not be a more wonderful daughter-in-law! You ROCK, Jill! You are both the very best parents and we are eternally grateful that you are the parents of our grandchildren! Hugs to you all!


  2. That was a good list. I miss you guys!

    emily a.

  3. John, I always knew you liked to wear lipstick and you had a cannie. So cute!!! Change it so your blog comes to our gmail address not hotmail, would ya? Jen


  4. Love it so so so cute!!!

    Casey and Whitney MCkell

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