November Crafters Group

12:04 PM Monday, November 10, 2008

This is the craft that I came up with for November. I took the same idea from the "Spooky" blocks and changed it a little. The cost will be $4 and that will include all of the wood needed and the vinyl. What I need from you to make this successful is the following:
Mod Podge
Paint brushes
Scrapbooking paper
Black or Dark Brown paint
Please bring all if you have it or just one thing. I am going to ask each "crafter" to help contribute to the monthly craft to keep the cost down. This will happen on November 17th at 12pm. Please bring your kids fed and they can play in the basement til their hearts are content. If you have questions about this craft or need to now where I live just email me or call 272-7800. If you have friends or family that need to get out of their houses please bring them, but I need to know a count by Saturday November 15th so sent me an email or call.
Thanks and I am so excited to see how this turns out!


  1. My friend and I were thinking about doing some that said Gobble, I will be letting you know about that since I will need some vinyl


  2. Oh my heck cute idea Jill! You're so crafty.


  3. I hate you crafty people, stop putting us boring people to shame, though I do have the same figurines... but obviously now I can't claim that I made them...

    I think this sounds really fun... I need to call you about this.

    Me in a nut shell

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