The Running Man

9:53 AM Sunday, January 04, 2009

Johnny got us a new treadmill. He had had enough of me begging and complaining, so he caved. It has been really nice to go downstairs at 10am and run while the kids play. That way I can sleep in and be lazy a little longer. I am training for a race later this year and I don't want to start my progress over when the weather permits to run outside. So if anyone needs to get a run in and needs a babysitter, come on over - I'm free too!


  1. Couldn't live without my treadmill in our blazing hot summer! So glad you are getting to enjoy running in a bit more "comfort" rather than the frosty outside! Now is the perfect time to be outside here but I have no one to run with :(


  2. You are tooo good. Stop it skinny butt.....uggg I really have got to get my butt into shape. I keep saying when it gets warmer...then I will. haha


  3. Well my hubby caved and let me get a gym membership yesterday! I needed the babysitting to be able to work out! I really wanted an Elyptical, but a little at a time was more duable for us right now.

    But I still would love to get my cardio up and go run with you guys sometimes!

    Me in a nut shell

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