Viva Las Vegas

1:46 PM Saturday, January 17, 2009

John and I got to go to Las Vegas for a work Conference for 3 days. It was fun for me and not quite as exciting for Johnny. We stayed at a hotel called Red Rock Resort in Summerlin. It was 30 minutes away from the strip, so it was out there. It was really nice with a huge swimming pool, bowling, movie theaters, 9 different restaurants, GAMBLING, and a spa. We got to the resort around noon and it was time for John to start his meetings and time for me to find a friend. One of the other managers brought his wife so we went to lunch and I FINALLY saw Twilight for the first time! I know I am the last female in the world to see it and I loved it! I did go in with low expectations due to all of the people who have seen it, but I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see New Moon. These are a few pictures of us in our room.

John has been working so hard this year and has been doing an AWESOME job! He has been working towards earning Presidents Club to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The honorees were announced in Las Vegas and we are going to Cabo!!! We are so excited and can't wait to go and play on the beach for FREE!!!

John was finished with his meetings early on Friday, so we headed to the strip before our plane left for home. It is a must when I go to LV that we go visit the dancing waters at the Bellagio. I have always loved this spectacle, but I love it even more since Johnny proposed to me there.


  1. SOOOOO JEALOUS! Viva & Cabo! How cute John, the Bellagio! I am also a huge fan of the fountains and balltrain is now a patron due to the Oceans 11!

    The Balls

  2. Thanks for showing us the room, I wonder what happened there...

    Congrats John on the President's Club. What did you to make that? I'm sure it required lots of hard work. I miss you all.

    emily a.

  3. Lucky Ducks!!! Looks like you had fun! I still say you two go on more vacations then anyone else I've ever met!


  4. SO much fun!! Your room looked way nice! I am so jealous and excited for you that you guys are going to Cabo!! You are going to have a blast. Glad you guys had a fun trip. John clearly has been working very hard so you two deserve some fun on a relaxing beach.

    The Dalton Family

  5. Congrats on the Cabo thing! Those kinds of things to take a lot of hard work. You da man, Johnny.

    Derek White

  6. WOW Cabo, that is awesome. I love the waters to I can watch them for at least an hour, or until they reset.

    Mike and Timette

  7. I hate you even more now! ;)

    How fun, you guys will be traveling fools this year... It looks like you guys had a fun time in Vegas!

    And congrats Jon!

    Me in a nut shell

  8. John!

    Me in a nut shell

  9. I've decided my husband is obviously in the wrong profession ... we have to PAY for ANY "work meetings" we attend (in which he is required to take classes to KEEP his job on a yearly basis), there are no chances to earn free vacations, and we get to continue paying for his education - which enabled this "great" career - for another 25 years (on top of the 5 we have already paid)!!! The upside to his work? Discounted designer eyewear ... which I don't need beyond sunglasses.


  10. How fun to take a trip. I'm getting the winter blah's. I wish I could go somewhere! Lucky you guys. Especially the Mexico trip to look forward to.


  11. I didn't know he proposed to you there!!! You both look great. You are such a cute couple, and I love ya.


  12. OH I am so jealous too. I love the pose on the cute. Very nice very nice. I am glad you both had fun. You deserve it


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