They say its your Birthday....

10:51 AM Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here's to my sweet husband. Almost 6 years ago John came into mine and Emily's lives and we have never made a better decision than to have him with us forever. He is the BEST husband and is the sweetest man to me and our kids. We are so lucky to have John as our husband, dada, daddy, friend, provider, confidont, and My Best Friend. Happy Birthday my dear sweet husband and I hope your day is fabulous.

P.S. He is actually outside in the garage doing some electrical work with a neighbor and I think this is exactly what he would consider a good Birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday my friend! I hope you get a really yummy cake and super yummy ice cream!


  2. Good for you, John! You live it up on your birthday - even if it is electrical work that does it for you! Hope you have a fantastic day and I hope that all your birthday wishes come true! Thanks for being such a WONDERFUL hubby to my awesome friend! You are the greatest! Happy Birthday!!!


  3. That's our boy! Happy as long as he's doing something, preferably for his family or friends. We are so proud of you, John! Happy, Happy Birthday. We love you so much...and we are proud of you!


  4. I agree. He sure is a good one of all of those things. Happy birthday, Johnny!


  5. I did send him a Facebook Happy Birthday but will add my well wishes here, too!! I'm sure your day was fabulous, John! Thanks for the mushy post, Beansy ... so unlike you ;)


  6. Your family is so darling Jill! I am so glad you are happy - you deserve the best!

    The Hansen Clan

  7. Attaboy Johnny! Don't zap yourself with the electricity! You da skinny man!

    Derek White

  8. Happy Birthday, I hope it was a good one!


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