Random Happenings at our house

1:54 PM Friday, January 30, 2009

For Johnny's birthday I got him a locking filing cabinet from Ikea. He needed a place to put all of his geneology stuff so the kids would stop playing with it. Once John opened the box and sorted all of the goodies, William was in there with his "tools" and ready to help. I think he can smell the metal tools are made of because he is the first one to be in the room to help.

When I run in the mornings it has become routine to let Will and Char have their turns "running" on the treadmill. They each have a turn then then they do it together. They love to play together and it is so fun to watch them become closer as friends.
One Sunday afternoon Char, John and I made cookies to pass some time. The girls *Love* their aprons and look forward to the chances they get to wear them. Thanks Nana!

William is being our Pretty Pretty Princess. Since he only has sisters and we have quite a few girl toys, he tends to play with them. If the girls are playing with babies, Will is too. He loves to carry purses, wear lipstick, and he wears the princess high heels. We are not worried by the least because he thinks he can shoot a gun and loves to play with his "goo goo's" (trains). What a joy he has been.
P.S. notice the earring :)


  1. Oh my, Oh my, Oh my! You grow some mighty cute kiddos, Jill! What a wonderful set of parents you are....those are lucky children! Can hardly wait to see you guys next weekend....


  2. Alex has always loved dressing up as a princess! That is just how life goes when you have a girl first. I am sure if their birth order was reversed, Amanda would be in love with cars, trains, baseball, etc... Poor Alex had to grow up in Amanda's world of out-of-control girliness! Now that we have two boys, there may be a shift in the amount of boy toys vs. girl toys at our house and Amanda will be in for a big surprise! Brian used to get bugged about Alex wanting to wear girl clothes, but now he just realizes that kids will be kids and we just hope he won't be traumatized by all the pictures we have of him in Princess attire.


  3. What a cute family. Domestic goddess for the mother, Mr. fix it for the husband, and darling kids to boot. I just adore you guys.

    P.S. Yes it is almost ten thirty on a saturday night and my only excuse for opening up my blogging world was to see your fantastic idea for February crafters group. . . looks good. You never dissapoint Jilly,

    The Dalton Family

  4. What is so funny is I could very well have taken some of those pics in my very own household!!! I had both of mine on the treadmill this morning and Cougar has taken a more of a liking to lipgloss than Steve would like :)


  5. Yep, Ethan loves the pretty pretty princess accessories!!! Cute pics, I love the aprons really cute! Is John back yet? I need a little training in how to do stuff to photos in photoshop! Might as well ask the expert right?


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