February Crafters Group

1:39 PM Friday, January 30, 2009

This 11" wood plaque will be the next craft for Crafters Group. I painted it a dark forest green, used crackle, then painted it with a cream color so the green would show through. The writing is in a dark green and the clover is gold. The cost for this craft will be $10 and I will provide EVERYTHING! We will do this on February 11th at Noon so I can have enough time to get the wood cut. You can display this project by putting it on an easel or you can glue some ribbon on the back and use it as a wall hanging. Come and enjoy the ladies and munchies and paint your little hearts to death. If you want to change the colors of vinyl for this piece, I am happy to accomodate you. I have white, lime green, grass green, dark green, beige, gold, black, yellow and I think those are the only colors you would want for this project. If you want to do this project but can't make it, please let me know and I can make it for you, or just provide everything you will need to complete it at home. Just leave me a comment and let me know if you will be there and how many you want to make.


  1. I'm in, please! Lime green for my vinyl - as if you couldn't have figured out that for yourself!


  2. I want one for sure! (of course). I think I want different vinyl colors, so I'll let ya know asap. Thanks!!

    Reese Fam

  3. And you came asking me for ideas .... this is beyond perfect!!! I bow at your feet :)


  4. This is Caryn Reese's sister in law. She invited me to come do this craft so I will need the supplies, it is so cute. Thanks!

    Kalli & Andy

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