A day at the Dentist

4:10 PM Thursday, May 28, 2009

I know this is the dumbest post EVER, but this was the first time William went to the Dentist. He was so good, at first, he got in the chair and Char made sure he had headphones for the TV. He loved that and even let us put the bib on him. Once the assistant got near him he wasn't so keen on her touching him. We finally were able to bribe him enough to open his mouth and get it somewhat clean. The Dentist checked him out and he got a clean bill of health. As for the girls, not so much. We head into the Dentist on Thursday for Charlotte to get 1 of her 2 cavities filled. Maybe next time we can say we have no cavities.


  1. Yikes, I am a terrible parent!!! Niether of my kids have been to the dentist! Don't judge me too harshly!!


  2. Aren't you the good mom? Kendyl has still never been to the dentist and I don't think Brinley went until she was at least 7. Then again I have a broken tooth that has needed a root canal and crown for over 2 years ....


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