Memorial Day 2009

9:33 PM Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love Memorial Weekend! It is the start of the summer and that means TONS of time at the cabin. Our cabin has been in our family for more than 100 years and it is so fun for me to see the love my kids have for the cabin. I remember as a child coming to the cabin and feeling like we were there for the whole summer, we weren't, but it felt like it. My kids get so excited when we say we are going to the cabin, it makes my heart melt. They love to ride scooters, ride bikes, play tennis, basketball, play in the water, and play on the playground. It is the most relaxing place and I think I get just as excited to go as my kids.

We love to have fires in the pit behind the cabin. We roast marshmallows and just visit with each other. We have some good friends that live there and they always come up to roast with us, we love it!

She seriously fell asleep like this.

On Sunday we went to ride Thomas. William has seen the commercials and the billboards for this and hasn't talked about anything else. He has been so excited to do this. The kids were able to talk to the Conductor and ask him questions. They loved every moment of this day.

Oh the Beautiful Heber Valley
Playing tennis is always good family fun.

My dad has built a sitting area back by the creek that runs behind our cabin. The kids love to go out there and throw rocks in the water. John and William were spending some much needed male bonding time.


  1. That looks like such a fun weekend!! We'll have some cabin time with you soon:)


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