Having fun swimming

7:32 AM Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We went to one of John's work collegues houses to go swimming on Saturday. We had so much fun playing in the pool, eating lunch, and having popsicles. JOhn wasn't feeling to well after he took a dive in the pool and later found out that he lost his eardrum. This was the ear that he is already deaf in so good thing he can still hear me, right? He is doing fine but he goes to the ENT on Wednesday to find out if he is going to get it reconstructed or if he gets to live without it. Wish him luck!


  1. I couldn't believe how much you said John's ear bled. Ouchy. I'm sorry. I will wish him luck tomorrow. The birthday party was darling. Thanks for inviting Ryn. I want to know how she did all of those tricks!


  2. Well it's a good thing you have a loud voice Jill. :)


  3. OOh! I'm so sorry for John that sounds painful!!! Looks like the kids had fun! Kylie loved the Birthday party!! Thanks for inviting her!


  4. Oh, what a bummer!!! I hope things go well at the ENT :) I agree with Kate - he certainly won't have a hard time hearing you with or without that eardrum ;)


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