3:52 PM Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I have not posted for an eternity it seems like. I do have pictures to post, but for now you will have to just read. For Memorial weekend our family headed down to Wildwood and spent the weekend there. Wildwood is the place where my family has a cabin and has had a cabin for like 100 years. It rained all weekend, but it was so nice to just sit and read and watch movies. The girls played at the park and Emily has a friend that lives there so she was also busy with her. William hung out with his boring old parents back at the cabin. My sister and her family came down for one night and most of Saturday. The cousins have so much fun playing with each other. John has been REALLY busy with work. He got a new boss and has been adjusting, thus working more hours. Our yard, like every year, is a slow long process. Most of you know that we flood like 14 times a summer and so far our windows are filling up with water but not getting into the house, yet. This year it will be fixed and we won't be flooding any more. We created some new flower beds and did some curbing last fall to make the yard look a little better. I will post some pics once we plant the shrubs and flowers that are waiting anxiously in the front flower bed. Our basement is coming along nicely. We have started painting and are almost finished. Emily's room is the last room to be painted due to the multiple colors and the difficulty. She is really excited to move downstairs and have a more mature bedroom. I've got some really cute ideas for her room and I am so excited to get her room finished. Charlotte is turning 3 on June 13 and she is a little spit fire. She cries over pretty much everything and she has become a horder. She loves to find purses, back packs, boxes, and grocery sacks and fill them up with everything. When we go over to my friends house she almost inevidibly comes home with 2-3 things from her house. When she has a good stash going on I will show you what I mean. William is starting to run (without bending his knees) and he is getting his bottom 2 molars. For the love will they come in already!?! He is getting so big and he is learning to taunt his sister like she does to him. I am just keeping up with my babies and getting ready for a LONG summer with all 3 kids. Emily got D track for next year so that means she gets out on June 6 and doesn't go back to school until August or September. I will post some pics so you can see how big the kids are and I will post pics of the basement. Until then toodles!


  1. You guys sound like you are doing awesome. Your yard and basement look awesome. Good job at doing so great at work, John. You deserve it. I can't believe your little Charlotte is going to be three. Good stuff. Looks like I will be changing the main heading on my blog now!!!!


  2. You guys are so much fun!!! I want to go play at the cabin!

    Casey and Whitney MCkell

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