Hannah Tana

3:08 PM Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Charlotte has become the latest fan of Hannah Montana. She loves what Emily loves and so she obviously has fallen for her. She sings this song for everyone she meets and loves to perform.


  1. She's a natural! Hardly seems right she's growing up so fast!


  2. Tag, you're it! Check out my blog for the info. Hugs,


  3. This is so completely adorable!!! My girls have asked to watch it over and over :) We'll have quite the Hannah fest next time we see you!!!


  4. I showed this to Kylee and She just said "Mom is that Charolette? She is my friend." So cute I am glad you shared!


  5. That is really cute, we like Hannah here too. Okay I see your Shelfari - and you are reading Host? I am just about finished - it is sooo good, I like it as much as Twlight - what about you? I also just finished two of the Shopaholick books too :)


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