Knitting Queen

10:02 PM Sunday, June 29, 2008

I have recently taken up knitting. Each time we visit John's parents, his mother is knitting away and making the cutest things. I am always so intrigued and so motivated until we get home. Well I decided to do something about it and I signed up for a class at Kamille's. She is the funniest and best knitting teacher (besides Sally, my mom-in-law). I completed my beginners knitting class and made this fabulous scarf with fringe. I know you are all so proud of me, me too! I have signed up for another class in August and I will be knitting some Snugs. You are all asking yourselves, what are snugs? Well they are like Uggs but you knit them and then felt them. Felting is when you throw your wool knitted project in the washer and it shrinks and turns into the finished product. I am so excited and I will post my projects. I am going to be knitting something in the mean time, so stay tuned!


  1. Jill is cute. Love her.

    John Knotwell

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  3. I like the scarf but the model is the very best.

    Congratulations on your new hobby.

    I have got to talk to my son!


  4. Don't listen to your dad, John....knitting is relaxing and a LOT less expensive than quilting! I'm so proud of your, Jill...keep it up. I'll start sending patterns soon! Hugs,


  5. Wow I am impressed! Good Job!


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