The Horder

4:29 PM Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Purse:

The Stash:

As I wrote earlier Char has a hording problem. Any purse, bag, grocery sack, or pretty much anything with some sort of pouch she will fill. If Charlotte comes to your house and you find you are missing things, she most likely has it stuffed in a bag. The other night I found her purse ready to explode with all of the goodies she has stashed and this is what I found. Here is a quick run down of a few things in there. 3 phones, 2 mirrors, money, 3 pens, dead flowers, some kind of booklet, makeup, and a few hundred other things. We sure do love our little squirrel!!


  1. That is so hilarious ... I've got a few that do EXACTLY the same thing!!!!!


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