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10:09 PM Sunday, June 29, 2008

Have you ever seen anything like this? I sure as heck have not. John has turned into a grillin machine since he bought his Weber grill. He will search for recipes until the breaking dawn for that perfect one. He found this recipe and thought it would be fun to put a can of Ginger Ale up a chickens butt and see how it turned out. It actually was some of the best chicken I have ever had! We invited my parents to dinner and my dad could not stop eating the chicken. I know you all want the recipe, but I don't have it. You will have to contact the chef.


  1. I am the chef. I rule, you all worship my masterfulness.

    John Knotwell

  2. That is the funniest damn thing I have seen in a long time. Thanks for the great idea.


  3. UMM, UMM, UMM...That's good!!!


  4. Looks like lap-dancing chickens! I expect them all to start dancing. Too funny!!! Good job!


  5. Ha! That looks hysterical! And totally yummy. You're married to Bobby Flay!


  6. Who would have ever thought chickens like it up the.... I'm just teasing my comment is rated X don't let the little ones read! Looks scrumptious!


  7. Jill you are super naughty . . . I love it!


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