1:54 PM Sunday, September 07, 2008

Charlotte and Will have become good friends over the past few months. Imagine my delight to be able to capture this little moment. It's too bad that Charlotte would't look at the camera at the same time Will did. I guess the part of this picture that makes me smile is to know that Charlotte was the one who instigated the impromptu photoshoot (usually, it's dad trying to wrangle the kids into the frame). Of course, my finger was on the trigger in a flash (no pun intended) to capture the moment. Dad sure is glad that his two babies are becoming better friends. Now, if we can just get young William to stop pinching her and laughing about it.


  1. You have such cute kiddies- I can't believe how grown up they are.

    emily a.

  2. Such a great photo! It is so fun when your kids start to become friends!

    SO many posts in such little time! I can't keep up with you guys.

    Me in a nut shell

  3. Oh, My! The only thing missing is sweet Em! Those are two of the three cutest children in the entire world!


  4. Okay Jill really... that has to be like the cutset pic ever! Perfectly posed yet candid. That should be blown up big and hung on the wall. So cute!

    The Dalton Family

  5. OH I love it! Such a cute picture!!


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