Murray Park

7:48 AM Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After the my race on Saturday we headed over to Murray Park to scope out some places for pictures. The kids had alot of fun running around and throwing rocks and sticks in the river. John had the kids stand on this wall and you can all see who the "Super Star" is in our family.

There is a big playground and we let the kids go play for a while and get their wiggles out. As you can see, by butt was not made to go on slides any more.


  1. I cannot get over how old Emily looks. i'm loving her long hair.

    emily a.

  2. oh MY GOSH Jill!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha LOL. I just set this pic as my screen saver.

    The Dalton Family

  3. I love a good day at the park ... should be able to do that within the next month here!!


  4. Love Charlotte's pose! And Emi is looking so pretty! Send them my


  5. Yeah mommy! I am so proud of you for going down the big slide . . .you are so brave :)


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