Swiss Days 2008

8:15 AM Saturday, September 06, 2008

Swiss Days is my favorite day of the year!! I start counting down Swiss Days the day after it ends. I have been going with my family for forever and we keep going every year. John has picked up on the frenzy and he comes with me to hold my packages and watch all of the crazy ladies. We have so much fun checking out all of the fun ideas and I even pick up some ideas for me to make.

My cute Mom and my cute (Prego) Sister shopping their little hearts out!
Getting a scone at Swiss Days is a must! I also have to get a Swiss Taco (Navajoo Taco) but John can't stand them so no picture.


  1. Okay now we're going to have to have scones some day this week! Can I say craving! I knew Kikki was pregnant, I'm glad she called to confirm though!


  2. mmmmmmm yummy


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