Charlotte's First Day of Preschool

8:29 AM Saturday, September 06, 2008

Charlotte started Preschool last Tuesday. She LOVES it and asks to go back every day. She loves her teacher Miss Amy and loves her friends too. She is getting so big and I love watching her learn and grow. She has really started asking alot which letters are which and wanting to know words and numbers. Maybe this school thing is a really good idea?


  1. Fun Stuff! I can't believe how big all are baby girls are! :(


  2. I thought you would be the ultimate mormon homeschooling mom. My vision has been shattered.

    Okay just kidding. She is just adorable and you leave sassier comments than I do. One point for Jill.


  3. I just want to eat her she's so cute.


  4. LOVE MISS AMY!!!!! Too bad they're just far apart enough in age to have to be in seperate classes. Oh well, we'll have to get them together to play.

    The Dalton Family

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