Utah State Fair

4:46 PM Sunday, September 14, 2008

WE LOVE THE FAIR!! We go every year with my parents and our good friends Dayna and Sienna Boshard. This year John entered a contest to win a Harley Davidson motorcycle at the fair. No, he did not win but we did get some prizes for entering. The girls were able to meet Miss Utah and talk to her. Charlotte kept calling her "Princess" and wouldn't stop talking - I know shocking!

Charlotte, Miss Utah, Sienna, Emily
This is John turning the losing key in the motorcycle. The really tall guy back in the line won the bike. Lucky son of gun! After the contest sky divers came into the arena. William wouldn't stop looking at the sky even when they had landed. He thought that was the coolest thing next to fried chicken!
The last sky diver came in with the American flag and we all stood and sang the national anthem. Lots of fun!


  1. I love going to the fair!! I've never been to the one here in Salt Lake though. It's a good one huh!? Maybe next time. My favorite part of going to the fair is the food. What a good tradition to start for your family to look forward to. Too bad John didn't get the bike. . . it would have been perfect for Jill. I can totally see her as a biker chick. Save your money.

    The Dalton Family

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