Urgent Care.....AGAIN!

9:48 AM Monday, December 01, 2008

Yes, we had to take Charlotte into the Urgent Care one week ago Sunday. She was climbing our entertainment center downstairs and slipped and smacked her head on the corner. John and I heard this scream and cry and rushed to her to find her bleeding on her head. Her wound is in the exact same spot as Mr. Williams and she got 5 "itches" like her brother. I was not about to take in another child to the Dr. to get stitches, so brave Dad took her. She did really well and John said she was so brave and didn't give the staff too much gruff.

Here she is with the numbing gel on her wound before they gave her the shot to really numb it.
They wrapped her up like a taco so her hands wouldn't hinder the procedure.

All done! She did cry and scream, but isn't that to be expected? She loves to show off her "itches".

P.S. We got her stitches out on Friday and she screamed harder getting them out than getting them in!


  1. OOOh, poor peanut! I know you are feeling better without those nasty 'itches'. Fell better, soon, Miss Charlotte! Nana and Papa miss you!


  2. You guys may have set a world record for how many times you have been in the past few months!!!! I am so lucky we havn't had any accidents that have needed stitches yet!!! Maybe we never will, cross our finger I guess!!!


  3. Um CPS?. . . you've got to be kidding me! How about giving your kids some full football gear to wear around for Christmas. (If they can make it til then without getting injured again. Maybe an early gift?) Poor thing. . . I'm going to start including your kids in my prayers at night! Big hugs from us Char. . . you're such a brave girl:)

    The Dalton Family

  4. You better not have any more "accidents" this calendar year. The doctor is going to start figuring out that you are abusive parents. ;) Take it easy on those kids, you guys! Hee hee!! You know how much I love your cute family!!


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    Nurse Heidi

  6. First off, love your new holiday blog look! You guys had better be careful or CPS will come a knockin'!! Things are supposed to come in threes, though, so you guys should be good to go for now :) Heal quick, little Charlotte!!!


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