Christmas Morning

9:18 PM Friday, December 26, 2008

Our kids are so good. We woke up around 7:30 and waited anxiously for John to take a shower and look pretty for the camera. The kids and I waited in our bed for what seemed like forever, and then John finally got out of the shower and we got to go in and open presents. Will's train table was the first thing he saw and couldn't stay away from it the whole morning. He would occasionaly walk away and rip some paper off of someone else's gift and then back to the table. He did get a tool table from Nana and Papa and that's the cool new thing since John put it together Christmas evening. All Emily has asked for for the last 3 years is a Baby Alive. Santa decided to test her skills at keeping a baby clean and happy and got her the Sip 'n Slurp baby. All she does is drink and pee, and I'm not quite sure Emily will stay too interested in her for long. Once I told her she had to clean her out after she drank juice, she was disgusted and it wasn't so fun anymore. Emily also got some cooking classes at the Young Chefs Academy in Draper. The place is so cute and I know she is going to love it there. Nana made her a few new aprons and now that she is in cooking school, they will come in handy. Char has been telling everyone, including 2 different Santas that she wants a Blue Bear and Jasmine shoes. Well Santa pulled through and got her the Blue Bear she so desperately wanted. That too has lost the interest of Char and I am sure it will end up at the DI in a few months. Its so funny how kids see a toy and have to have it and then once they get it, not so fun anymore. She got her Jasmine shoes and she also got a cute new apron from Nana. I got new running clothes and running gadgets, with a new Nikon Coolpics camera. I love my husband who surprises me every year with some cool thing - Thanks babe for another awesome Christmas. Johnny got some books, camera gear, and a new MP3 player. What a wonderful year we have had and we have been so blessed. I just hope we continue to be able to take care of our needs and take care of those in need too. Thank you for everyone in our lives who make us better people. I know this is sappy even for me, but this has been a great year and I hope the next one will keep us out of the ER and injury free.


  1. Hi Guys! Glad you had a great Christmas. Your kids look so cute and happy!

    We'll invite to our new house soon!

    Merry Christmas!

    Derek White

  2. Looks and sounds like a fabulous day!! What running gadgets did you get? Anything I need? I also think it is awfully funny that Johnny needed to pretty himself up for the camera when he was probably the one taking pictures all day ... didn't realize how vain he was *LOL* Reminds me of the stories Steven has told me about your mom having to have full make-up on before coming out on Christmas morning! We have a young chef's academy across town that I've thought about for my girls, too, so I'll be interested in your feedback! May 2009 bring you ALL the best :)


  3. Looks like you all had a great Christmas, well except John having to snow blow all morning :)


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