Gingerbread house

6:26 AM Monday, December 15, 2008

The kids made our Gingerbread House and they did awesome! William kept eating the candy once the girls put it on the house. It was really funny to watch him wait for the girls to not pay attention and he would snatch it up so fast and just laugh. He does that alot, he will want something and he will patiently wait and then pounce like a puma.

The side with the Smarties is Charlotte's (and mommy's) and the other side is Emily's. Good job girls!


  1. Beautiful house! Artistic and yet tasteful! Yuk, yuk!


  2. Darling little houses. We had fun doing one too. Tell Emily I am very proud of her for singing in front of everyone. She did great.


  3. Oh, it turned out so cute!! We will probably end up doing one on Christmas Eve :) A fabulous Holt tradition!


  4. P.S. I wish we could get together and have a baking day, too ... would be such fun!


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