An Explanation

12:06 AM Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love my sweet wife, but she's "lying" about the shower. When I got out of my 3 minute shower, the kids were still in bed and not even caring about the presents - - except for Emily. She had been patiently waiting in mom and dad's bed for an hour until William got up (and I was out of the shower, incidentally).

When I was growing up, we had to have breakfast before we got to open presents. Let's just pray that I don't institute that little tradition for my kids. Or, I could have them all get in a straight line, and "march" them out to the tree and we can all say a prayer before we open presents.

Let's just say my 3 minute shower didn't put anyone out. =)


  1. Oh, thank you for clarifying your behavior ;) Glad to know it was out of habit rather than vanity *LOL* I'm sure it's nice to be pretty on Christmas - I'm lucky to even GET a shower in most Christmases!! Is it wrong to make them line up at the top of the stairs? My parents did that to me my entire life ... I see therapy in my future now!!!


  2. Let's just make this clear...breakfast was usually donuts and hot chocolate when you were growing up! Not that hard to swallow when you are anxiously awaiting the present-ceremony! Glad you are a clean boy! Merry Christmas, dear family. We miss you!


  3. Hey I heard they all had to wait on the edge of Pam and Ed's bed so that Pam could put her makeup on first. Then they had to line up in age order and march down the hall :) We sit around in our pajamas all day!


  4. You guys are such a cute family. That is amazing Emily waited so patiently. Good girl. Glad you guys had such a good day. John should be a model for ski goggels. He looks hot!


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