Fryin' up a turkey

6:10 AM Monday, December 15, 2008

I know this post is late, but I just checked my camera and I found these pictures. The day after Thanksgiving we fried a turkey. Everyone we told made sure we weren't doing it in our kitchen or in our garage. Thankfully we had enough common sense to do it in our backyard and it was successful! The kids were pretty excited to see what daddy was doing outside so they stood watch by the window and saw all of the spectacularness.

The fryer warming up to cook Old Tom.
The fryer is nice and hot and ready to fry up some goodnessThe finished product! The turkey was so good and it is a flavor that we now crave. Thanks Johnny for the delicious turkey!


  1. I always hear fabulous things about fried turkey ... it's the only way people prepare them in Memphis (and yet we never got to eat one)!


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