A White Christmas

9:45 PM Friday, December 26, 2008

Holy snow Batman! We were dumped on! Luckily for us and some of our neighbors, John got a new (to us) snowblower on Christmas Eve. John was out digging people out on Christmas day for 4 hours and again today for 4 hours. My parents called us on Christmas morning to find out about the snow, and of course we told them it was a blizzard and to say a prayer as they traveled. They decided to head up to Farmington, to visit my sister and her family, before they came to Herriman. Not a drop or snowflake in Farmington and I'm sure they thought we were seeing things. It started to get worse as they traveled to West Valley to visit my brother and his family. By the time they got to our house, we had about 6 inches or more in our driveway. Alot of the snow was blown there due to the horrendous winds out this way, but still holy crap there was alot of snow! They only stayed for maybe 20 minutes and away they went before they had to sleep here. Once they got to the freeway, it was smooth sailing for them. It is nice to say we had a white Christmas, but I think we got way more than anyone really asked for.


  1. Johnny, you look so dapper with the goggles. I'm still shovelling, dude! I need me one of them snowblower thingers...

    Derek White

  2. Our high today was 59 ... freezing in these parts!! Looking forward to mid 60's by Monday :)


  3. We hit 68° yesterday...sorry to see so much snow for you guys.


  4. Snowy Days! It has been a little crazy as of recent days, at least I stay at home with my kids :) The worst is driving in it!


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