Jackson Hole

10:19 PM Friday, August 03, 2007

We did so much in Jackson Hole. This is the majority of the pictures from the trip. We spent a day in the Tetons, near hidden falls and through Jenny Lake. There's also a great picture of Grand Teton looking across Jackson Lake from the lodge there. The kids had a BLAST playing with some flower petals that were strewn all around. A wedding had just taken place and the remenants of their festivities were everywhere, so it was a fun gig for the kids... I captured some shots that captured their elation.


  1. Funny how well the family communicates ... Steve thought his parents went on the trip by themselves!! When I told him about the pics he said he had no idea you all went together!! Sad to have missed out ;( Looks like you had a great time. Thanks so much for taking the time to share ... I really do love to see what you guys are up to since we CLEARLY don't get the entire story from the folks! I'm pretty sure Steve doesn't ask the right questions either ;)


  2. Spectacular photos! It's clear the entire family had a great time. Isn'tit wonderful how children can find such joy in simply throwing petals at each other? Would that we adults could find our inner child again! So glad you enjoyed your vacation and are able to share it with us all. 143, MOM


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