The Joys of Fatherhood

9:32 PM Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There are times when I think to myself... how did I get so lucky?

We had some neighbors over at the house today and the two dads started playing with the 97 kids (hey, we're in Utah, appreciate the humor). Anyway, we played monkey in the middle with Emily... bounce the ball off your head with Charlotte... and "catch this Ellie, okay, I'll throw it, okay... I'll pick it up..." all while Will watched, got scared and looked at the ball with absolute wonder.

Then, Emily wanted to share the music of High School Musical 2 (a should be Oscar nominated film about the summer adventures of a group of Juniors in High School. The film has certainly revived the musical genre of film... for the 6-16 crowd). As we sat there listening to Zac Effron sing the 'Footloose: Renesque' rendition of "Bet On It", Emily, Charlotte and Ellie were dancing and Jill was dancing with William.

Then, to melt your heart... little Charlotte walks up to Daddy and says... 'Dance with me daddy... dance with me daddy... dance with me daddy" Then, it was dance with daddy time with his two girls. I cherish these moments because I know in 10 years and again in 15 years it will be so very different... I hope they never stop wanting to dance with their daddy.

I love being a dad.


  1. Just wait until the "dance with me daddy" takes place on the dance floor at their weddings! Makes me want to cry just thinking about it. And, BTW, I think my girls had memorized every song on the HSM2 soundtrack before they even saw the movie on Friday night ... and Saturday night ... and Sunday ... thanks to the Tuesday release date! Also, Jill is more than welcome to complete the "tag" ;) I can only imagine some of the random things we could learn about her!!


  2. What a joy! And memories are building for the girls AND for you!


  3. What a fantastic memory...if you can save all this. I think it would be neat to share later with your children when they are old enough to appreciate it.

    Certainly a lot easier to record than when you were growing up and we (your Mom and I) had to hammer and chisel on stone tablets...


  4. Love your new header!! Nice work :)


  5. This will be a sweet thing for the girls to read when they are older. So sweet John. You are such a good daddy!

    emily a.

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