Some of Sir William

1:29 PM Sunday, August 19, 2007

We can't get enough of his little tongue... he sticks it out all the time. When he smiles, the tip of his tongue is always visible... We went to Red Robin for lunch yesterday and Mr. Will loved the balloons - that's what he's looking at in the pictures you see here.

Will's latest development. He was holding his own bottle for a bit (even though mom had to chip in a little here and there). He's starting to get the hang of it.

He's also been saying "Da... Da." He doesn't mean his dad (at least we don't think so), but he says it pretty often. Little tike is just trying to wrap himself around his dad's finger... won't work, fighting it... stronger than him, I know it.


  1. Stay strong - there's nothing worse than having a kid wrapped around your finger ;) I've got four that I just can't get rid of now!!


  2. Also meant to say you've been doing a great job of keeping your blog updated!! I love that almost every time I check I find something new!! It is such fun to see what all of you are up to :)


  3. Sir William is so cute and happy looking. Your right about that tongue. Some day my Grandson will have a full head of hair...just like his Grandfather was when he was that age.


  4. Love the lizard tongue!! He looks so much like you John, there is a bit of Beansie also!


  5. Sir William is a darling's easy to see both his parents in his eyes. You are doing a marvelous job on ALL your children!


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