William is 18 months!

1:19 PM Tuesday, September 30, 2008

William turned 18 months on Sunday and boy is he a ball of fire! I took him to his Dr. today and he is the skinniest thing around. He weighed in at 22lbs (15%) and he is only 33" tall (30%). He is like 1/2 of what his 2 cousins weigh! I think it is because he is such a diva when it comes to food and when feeding time is at the zoo.
This picture is of William's new camera face. When asked to smile for the camera, he makes this face. He has been saying so many words and he is really mimicking alot too. He can say Thank you, Hi, Eeew, Whoa, Mom, Da Da, I want that, ding dong, barks when he sees a dog, quacks, and other words that I haven't figured out yet. He is such a funny little guy and he is always leaving us laughing. The other day at church he was wondering and saying "Hi" to his admirers and he lifted up his shirt and was pushing on his tummy saying "Ding Dong". It was so funny! What a joy he has been in our family and I have loved watching him grow and learn. He loves his sisters and loves to do what they are doing including wearing high heel princess shoes and caring for baby dolls.
When John gets his tools out Will is right there beside him wanting to help or make a bigger mess for dad to clean up. You would think that the table saw or all the other tools that are loud would scare him, but it makes him more curious. Here's to 18 months of fun and to many more years to come.

After the my race on Saturday we headed over to Murray Park to scope out some places for pictures. The kids had alot of fun running around and throwing rocks and sticks in the river. John had the kids stand on this wall and you can all see who the "Super Star" is in our family.

There is a big playground and we let the kids go play for a while and get their wiggles out. As you can see, by butt was not made to go on slides any more.

This past Saturday I raced in a 5k at the U. I try to do this every year and this year I did pretty good for only running for about a month. I also had the stomach flu on Friday, so my time at 32:26 is pretty darn good.

My sweet family came to cheer me on and they followed the running route so John could snap some photos of me. The kids were so good to cheer for me and make me want to finish. Since this is the Homecoming race, alot of people come dressed up and ready to have a party. There was one guy who wore a wig, pushed a BBQ grill duct taped to a stroller and was grilling REAL hamburgers on it! Em said she saw him eating one of the burgers while running! It was so fun and I'll be doing this again next year!

Vinyl Girl

3:44 PM Friday, September 19, 2008

While my sweet husband is working on my website, I thought I would do some advertising for myself on our blog. I am starting to get some orders for Christmas and wanted everyone to know that I am going to have some specials. Once I think of them I will post them. I just want to get people thinking of Christmas gifts for friends, teachers, family and maybe yourselves. I will be making some new items in the coming weeks and I will post them as well. I really do appreciate all of the business you have given me.
Please let your friends and family know that I do vinyl and for referring me I will give you a $5 credit on your next order.

Today I took the kids to Gardner Village with my sister in law and her kids. The girls were so scared to see the witches at first, but then they started to warm up to them. We always have so much fun when we get together with Triny and her kids.

This picture of William is so funny. This is him smiling for the camera. I looked at him with the camera and this is the face he made. I think he has watched his sisters do the camera pose one to many times.

As most of you know we have purchased us some land. We bought a lot in the Cove at Herriman Springs just 7 miles west of us now. We are so excited to plan out our new home and get it just right. We will not be leaving for a couple of years or until the market starts turning for the better. So don't start planning all of the going away parties just yet.

Emily came home last weekend to find her new bedroom was finally done. We went and purchased her a new bed so she can now sleep in the basement. She was so excited and so was Charlotte because she now gets to sleep in the same bed as her big sister. She doesn't get to sleep with her all of the time, just special sister sleep over weekends. Emily has been so excited to get her new room, she has been asking everyone to come over and see it. I will post a better pic when we get her window seat cushions.


5:06 PM Sunday, September 14, 2008

When we built our home John put wiring in all of the rooms for home audio. We have been slowly buying the speakers and putting them up. Well last week my sweet husband put the last set of speakers up - in the upstairs. Mind you, there are still speakers that need to be installed outside and downstairs. But the upstairs is done!!

The yellow slide is a must at the fair. John took Charlotte and William down and they both loved it! Emily went down with her friend Sienna twice and I don't think either one of them stopped laughing.

WE LOVE THE FAIR!! We go every year with my parents and our good friends Dayna and Sienna Boshard. This year John entered a contest to win a Harley Davidson motorcycle at the fair. No, he did not win but we did get some prizes for entering. The girls were able to meet Miss Utah and talk to her. Charlotte kept calling her "Princess" and wouldn't stop talking - I know shocking!

Charlotte, Miss Utah, Sienna, Emily
This is John turning the losing key in the motorcycle. The really tall guy back in the line won the bike. Lucky son of gun! After the contest sky divers came into the arena. William wouldn't stop looking at the sky even when they had landed. He thought that was the coolest thing next to fried chicken!
The last sky diver came in with the American flag and we all stood and sang the national anthem. Lots of fun!

May She Ever Wave

2:00 PM Sunday, September 07, 2008

Charlotte and Will have become good friends over the past few months. Imagine my delight to be able to capture this little moment. It's too bad that Charlotte would't look at the camera at the same time Will did. I guess the part of this picture that makes me smile is to know that Charlotte was the one who instigated the impromptu photoshoot (usually, it's dad trying to wrangle the kids into the frame). Of course, my finger was on the trigger in a flash (no pun intended) to capture the moment. Dad sure is glad that his two babies are becoming better friends. Now, if we can just get young William to stop pinching her and laughing about it.

Charlotte's First Day of Preschool

8:29 AM Saturday, September 06, 2008

Charlotte started Preschool last Tuesday. She LOVES it and asks to go back every day. She loves her teacher Miss Amy and loves her friends too. She is getting so big and I love watching her learn and grow. She has really started asking alot which letters are which and wanting to know words and numbers. Maybe this school thing is a really good idea?

Swiss Days is my favorite day of the year!! I start counting down Swiss Days the day after it ends. I have been going with my family for forever and we keep going every year. John has picked up on the frenzy and he comes with me to hold my packages and watch all of the crazy ladies. We have so much fun checking out all of the fun ideas and I even pick up some ideas for me to make.

My cute Mom and my cute (Prego) Sister shopping their little hearts out!
Getting a scone at Swiss Days is a must! I also have to get a Swiss Taco (Navajoo Taco) but John can't stand them so no picture.

I am sure by know you are all sick of these posts of the hat I made for Charlotte. I am quite proud of it! I learned how to make the flowers for her hat and had them attached. It turned out so cute and I promise I won't show any more pictures of this darn hat!

My friend Leslie and I took our girls to a pond at some apartments to feed the ducks. They loved it and had alot of fun. William was fascinated with the water and kept going over by the edge of the pond. I asked him to come over by me and he thought it was a game so he took another step closer to the water and stepped in a hole of duck poo and mud. He fell in it and smelled like a sewer. Luckily there was a broken sprinkler and WE were able to wash off the best we could and head back to Leslie's for a picnic.

For my Birthday, my sweet Mother-in-law gave me this quilt she made. Isn't it Gorgeous? I love this quilt and I have been coveting this quilt for quite some time. She is the best at quilting and we LOVE getting the things she makes us!