The harvest is coming...

1:18 PM Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thought I might take a few moments to pleasure all of you with some pictures of our garden. The harvest is fast approaching (we've been collecting beans and zucchini the past couple of weeks). Quick tour around for you. Cuccumbers (far corner, on the trellis), Zucchini, right in front of the cuccumber, HUGE leaves. Beans: near side in the photo, far left. Green pepper: not visible in the main picture, behind a tomato plant. Tomatos: five plants-dead center of the garden (Roma, Beef Eater, and Cherry). Onions: Green and White in the front right.

The individual "fruits" are all pictured as well. I've pulled some green onion and they are FAR better than the store!


  1. Holy freaking garden!! You guys did a great job :)


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