Boys and their toys

11:44 AM Saturday, April 04, 2009

Every other week we do a Babysitters Group with 2 other families. This week it was our turn and had 8 kids over for a few hours. The boys (including John) stayed upstairs for quite some time and played with William's train set. They had so much fun and I really don't think Porter left it's side the whole night. If anyone is thinking about getting trains for their little boy, GET GEOTRAX! They were recommended to us and we LOVE them.


  1. Cougar is HUGE into his Geotrax right now and will be adding more pieces on his birthday :) Grand Central Station, here we come!!!! Next up - the airplane that I see on your setup there ... SO COOL (but we bought Grand Central for Cougar for his first Christmas and he never opened it. Gave it to him this year for Christmas and it never got opened. Happy Birthday to him this year)!! Definitely one of our best toy investments EVER!!!


  2. Bry is set on the basketball hoop for Ethan's birthday, maybe we can invest in some for the holidays ;)


  3. Geo traxs are amazing. We have to boxes full plus the full airplane set. It was the best investment ever.

    Jeremy and Molly Horn

  4. Good to know. I've been shopping around for trains. I'll check them out.


  5. I know that one of the competitions is at Roy High School, and one at Viewmont High. I will let you know which ones where when I find out more info! One is the 25th of this month and then the last is the 9th of May.... so I'll inform you when I find out all the details ;) Kylie would love for them to come!


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