Making Breakfast

1:27 PM Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Emily has really taken up cooking for the family. She got a cute new apron from her Nana for her birthday and she loves putting it on and cooking for us. She woke up and decided to make pancakes for us this morning. She is getting really good and I really don't need to help much anymore. Charlotte is starting to get the bug and loves to help as well.


  1. They are so CUTE!!! They have yyour spunky personality!! Yes I did say spunky!!!

    Casey and Whitney MCkell

  2. Cute. Emily can sleep over any time and make me breakfast!!!


  3. Nice ... I'm too controlling and don't want to deal with all 3 girls fighting over who gets to do what so I only let them help out in very few circumstances!!! Lame mom :(


  4. Jill, they are so cute. I can't believe you have 3 kids!! I was so excited to see you found me. I'll be checking in on you guys too. Can't wait to see more. (Now we need to find April and Katie. Who else am I missing?)


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