Our Home away from Home

3:44 PM Friday, September 19, 2008

As most of you know we have purchased us some land. We bought a lot in the Cove at Herriman Springs just 7 miles west of us now. We are so excited to plan out our new home and get it just right. We will not be leaving for a couple of years or until the market starts turning for the better. So don't start planning all of the going away parties just yet.


  1. What? So many secrets when I don't chat with you guys.

    emily a.

  2. Dont even wanna know about it.

    The Dalton Family

  3. I guess it's only seven miles away and I can be happy for you. . .

    The Dalton Family

  4. Just so long as we can find you so we can all go out to eat at some yummy restaurant! Congratulations on your purchase and your plans!

    Derek White

  5. Wow! that is exciting, good for you guys!! Does that mean you are not moving to MO anytime soon?


  6. MO? I heard that you had to have a lot of shots to live there... we don't like needles. :)

    John Knotwell

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