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9:56 AM Sunday, January 04, 2009

This is the craft for the month. These wood hearts will be a cute addition to your home for Valentines Day. I Mod Podged paper on them and used some glitter and ribbon to spruce them up. This craft is $10 and that includes the wood hearts, dowel sticks, wood blocks. I only ask that you bring paper, Mod Podge, and embellishments (glitter, wire, buttons, ribbon) and paint. I will have all of those things here if you need. Large heart stands at 18" and the small is 14". I will doing Crafters Group on Monday January 12th at 11am. Please let me know if you will be coming ASAP so I can get the wood.


  1. Oh! Maybe I'll call you one day and we can run together (in my case it will be walking on my treadmill).


  2. Those turned out so cute! Good job:)

    The Dalton Family

  3. John's face is awesome! Is that a pose, or is he really running? :) Good job running, woman!


  4. Super cute! I am in! Love the treadmill, it is a little higher quality than my skimpy hand-me-down!

    The Balls

  5. What a cute project!!!


  6. I would love to come. Thanks for inviting me.


  7. I guess I am kind of crafty. Why didn't I come to your Valentine craft night? I'm crafty and lame.


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