3:36 PM Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'll admit it, I've never been a big fan of Halloween. Jill is sick of hearing me say "it's a pagen holiday." But, since becoming a daddy, I can appreciate the fun time that our kids have experiencing the fun of dressing up and gathering sugary treats from around the neighborhood. The past two years Jill's mom has put together a Halloween party for the kids. They LOVE it. And, they get to wear that costume a little bit more, making the "price per wear" go down, so I'm a fan. I really enjoyed watching the kids play the games and of course, someobody brought sugar cookies for decorating - needless to say, I was in... I think I made 5, but lost count after 2 (intentionally).

Kylie as Cinderall, and Mr. William as a pirate. We loved the fact that he wore this costume multiple times and never took the hat off. For those that have little ones, you know what a feat that is. Our girls never leave their hats on, so mom and dad were proud.

Seth won "scariest" costume... I was kind of freaked out. He's holding his heart and when he pumped it, blood squirted down his chest, in between his ribs... it was lovely!

Your eyes are not deceiving you... that's Jill's dear father with some "body work" in the chest area. Incidentally, he probably should talk to his optomotrist son about his severe myopia... wow. We had a Cinderella, two Tinker Bell's and a Hannah Montana. Oh, and lest we forget, we also had weird-man-who-wants-to-be-a-weird-looking-woman in the back.

We played scary Halloween Bingo followed by a rousing competition where the youngest among us were more nible at running pieces of string through small holes in candy. Those candy necklaces never looked so good!

Pin the nose on the Pumpkin... the nose way off in the hallway is Charlotte's. She was AWESOME at this game!

Then a game of musical scary creatures. I figured out early that if I was going to get a prize, I would need to "make sure" I landed on every one of the creatures. So, creatively, I picked up one of each and carried it with me. When I landed on the wrong one, I simply "replaced" mine with the correct shape. Walked away with a huge load of candy.
Then, we did the ball toss and the kids got candy for throwing the ball "in" the bucket!

It was a fun Halloween!


  1. Glad to see you're gettin' in the Halloween spirit you old curmudgeon!

    Derek White

  2. Oh the memories!


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